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International Education

Beginning with theories for understanding our interconnected world, and then moving to a historical overview of the field of International Education and measures of comparison, the bulk of this course focuses on important themes in International Education, such as; the impact of colonialism on systems of education, the politics of humanitarianism and development in the education sector, as well as English language learning at home and abroad.   

course highlights

globally networked learning with the american college of sofia, bulgaria

In the spirit of praxis, students learn about the practice of International Education by ‘doing’ it.  Each semester we collaborate with a group of students at the American College of Sofia (ACS) in Bulgaria, for a globally networked learning exchange. Students work in international pairs to co-author weekly blog posts, which are drafted in google docs and then published using blogger, that discuss the week's theme in the context of a particular country. Students video conference live each week during our class meeting to co-present their work.

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