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Education for Transformation

 In this course we examine the philosophical, historical, and cultural foundations of education within the context of a democratic society committed to social justice and human rights. Essentially, this class focuses on understanding the intersection of social identity and power in American society, and how differences in race, ethnicity, language, culture, gender, sexual orientation, dis/ability, and economic class reinforce and sustain structural inequalities. 

course highlights

Intersectionality gallery

Each semester, during our introduction to intersectionality, students are tasked with taking a photo that represents their multiple identities, uploading it to our online intersectionality gallery housed in our closed facebook group, and explaining how the photo they took represents two or more of their identities.  At the end of the semester students return to the photo and re-analyse it in the context of the deeper knowledge they've gained through the semester.

The photos above were sampled from the Fall 2015 and Fall 2016 intersectionality galleries with student permission.

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